Just Until September

concerned young woman sitting on beach in shorts & T-shirt


If a man dies saving your life, what do you owe his orphaned family?

Even though Robin Farrell was a child when a rogue wave swept her from the safety of the beach, it didn’t change the fact that Martin Marshall gave his life to save hers—and as a result, left six children of various ages to face life without him.

Compelled by lingering guilt, Robin kept track of the family through the years. And when a job opened for a summer cook at the Inn the family ran on a sparsely populated section of California coast, she applied for the job, and to her surprise, got it! Only was she prepared to be swept just as helplessly into their lives, without them knowing who she was?

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I loved this book! A great cast of characters I felt I really got to know and like. Both hero and heroine were thoroughly nice people trying to do the right thing under difficult circumstances, both victims of cruel fate. Emotional depth and situations that tore at my heart. This is exactly what I want from a romance. Recommended.

I wasn’t sure if I would like this book until I got into it but it’s one of the best books I’ve read recently.Very well written with a lot of different characters who have their own problems as they get involved with the plot. Kudos and I’ll look for more books by This author.


* Note: This book has been published previously under the titles ‘Till September’ and ‘Room At Heron’s Inn’.