The Love & Danger Collection

The books in this collection can be read in any order.


Firefly in the Night

Beautiful woman looking back over her shoulder.

Can the malicious act of a madman destroy their lives forever?

When his beloved adoptive daughter’s life is threatened, Texas lawyer William Richards can think of only one person to protect her: Cord Anderson—the battle hardened, war-weary, mercenary son of an old friend. Cord would keep Marlie safe. Safe from outside harm, as well as her own impulses if she were ever to learn that his life had also been threatened. Without a word to Marlie, William Richards devises a plan.

Only what wasn’t included in that plan was for the pair of them to fall in love. Marlie, impatient with captivity but unwillingly fascinated by a man so hard and aloof. Cord, suffering burn-out from the dangerous and violent path he had chosen to take in life. What might the future hold for them?

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I really enjoyed this book. A little of mystery and a little of love. Would recommend. Great story of a dad trying to protect his daughter.

Great reading, amazing story. the connection between Marlie and Cord is so strong, even under the circumstances that they met, shows that people from different worlds can end up together. she has a strong character also love it


Call My Name Softly

Woman looking into distance.

Is someone trying to kill Anne Reynolds?

It was hard for Anne to believe, but then it had been hard for her to believe that the townspeople of Overton, California, would turn on her the way they had after she testified against the corrupt owners of the town’s largest business. To them, she was to blame for everything bad that followed, and they harassed her to the point of driving her away.

Shattered, Anne sought isolation on the rugged and lonely Northern California Coast, hoping to heal her nerves as well as her spirit.

Only she soon discovers that she’s not as alone as she thought: Robert Singleton—a very attractive man entangled in his own weighty problems—and his determinedly friendly five-year-old son, Jamie, are vacationing in the next cove.

Then accidents start to happen.

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This was such a good book!

Interesting dilemma…


Beautiful woman looking off to one side.

The Townsend Exhibit has mysteriously reappeared!

Sonya Douglas, registrar at San Francisco’s Orsini museum, is assigned the task of placating the handsome, determined scion of the Townsend family.

Instead of being grateful that the collection has been found, Christian Townsend demands answers. Why had the original investigation carried out 30 years earlier failed, and why–after all these years–had the artifacts been newly discovered hidden inside the museum?

Sonya’s assignment quickly switches to damage control. She must dog his every step as he investigates, doing all she can to cushion the museum from responsibility. Only the harder she tries to help him find answers, the more fascinated she becomes with both the oddities surrounding the original theft and the allure of the man she’s accompanying.

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