The West Texans series

The Parker Ranch, run by Parker sons and daughters since before The War Between the States. Tough, rugged, fiercely loyal…to each other and to the people they let into their hearts.

A 7-book series.


West Texas Match, Book 1

cowboy sitting on fence with rope, mountains in background

Mae Parker’s word is law on the Parker Ranch.

At eighty-one, Mae is the matriarch of the Parker family and is accustomed to bending everyone to her will. Everyone, that is, except her great-nephew, Rafe, who runs the huge family-owned operation and is equally as iron-willed. Rafe is not at all happy when he learns that his great-aunt has picked out a wife for him…and invited her, after a recent accident, to recuperate at the ranch. All his life he’s watched Mae manipulate people. He’ll be damned if he’ll fall in love on her order!

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West Texas Match is a beautifully written story about interesting characters whose relationships and connections grow quickly within the story and become important to the reader. Fortunately, there are additional books to continue the story of life on a West Texas ranch and the realistic and intricate lives of the Parker family… A great read!

I really enjoyed this book. The West Texas part caught my attention. The writing held it! I will definitely read more from this lady

It was a great book. I stayed up way too late so I could finish it. I’m looking forward to your next book in this series. Thank you for a great book.

I read a lot of western romance among others and this is one of my favorites. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.


 West Texas Weddings, Book 2

handsome cowboy wearing a tux (without jacket) after a wedding

  A new heir to the Parker Ranch?

Impossible! Only a true Parker can inherit. Yet Christine Grant and her young daughter, Erin, arrive claiming just that. It’s up to the Parkers to prove otherwise. To do that, they enlist the help of cow cop and temporary foreman Morgan Hughes. Only Morgan has a hard time focusing on his assignment after his first encounter with Christine.

Mae is beside herself. She has Rafe and Shannon’s wedding to plan, the family business meeting to arrange, the spring roundup to oversee…and now this!

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I really enjoyed this book! Being from Texas it does have appeal from the standpoint that I understand about ranching. It is also a good book from a romantic standpoint and I do like happy endings. I would recommend it to any one.

Christine…is bequeathed a share in the Parker Ranch and has an almighty fight on her hands trying to prove that she is entitled to it. Despite much drama and intrigue, Christine and Morgan develop a bond that is tested regularly. This is a clever, well-written story that has the reader invested in Christine and Erin’s story from the beginning…

It was fun to read book 2 of West Texas series the cowboys don’t disappoint. The Parker family gets a surprise they never expected and found it hard to accept.

I love Ginger Chambers books! Her books have a little mystery, a lot of cute cowboys, and some romance thrown in the mix. Each one has its happily ever after…