Love, Texas

handsome cowboy with blond hair and blue eyes


Love, Texas was the last place on earth Cassie Edwards wanted to be.

To her, it was a plunge back into the long-term nightmare she’d escaped at 18. Yet that was exactly where she had to go to negotiate a property deal for her land-speculator boss. Her plan? Visit the Taylor ranch on the outskirts of the small town, collect the signatures of the elderly twin owners, and get out before anyone else knew she was there, especially her mother.

Only Cassie didn’t count on a smoldering feud between the brothers. Or that her secret girlhood crush, Will Taylor—definitely all grown up now and in charge of the ranch—could still be so appealing.

A quick sale of the small parcel of land would solve everyone’s problems! Rescue the financially-troubled family ranch, make her boss extremely happy, and let her escape again before the townspeople learned that the town kook’s daughter was back for more punishment.

In Cassie’s experience Love, Texas had never lived up to its name.

A romance for any age!


I absolutely loved it. Redemption is a big theme, and not just for Cassie, but for the Taylors, whom you fall in love with as much as you fall in love with Will. He’s a sexy alpha male, but he’s not at all a jerk…bless him. 

This was such a refreshing read. Just a true romance with a great set of characters I could not put it down. Cassie was honest and so relatable as a lead. Worth the download for sure!  

I loved “Love, Texas”. It’s one of my favorite cowboy romances, one I highly recommend. 

The story line and the characters are great. You can’t help but like them. It is an easy and delightful read. I guarantee you will not be disappointed in this book. 

Tender and lovely story. I was touched sharing the journey with Cassie and her cowboy.